“Average is boring and that is not going to be me.” - Madiha Ahmed


Hi, I am Madiha, an ex-student of Masonic Montessori, The Park English School, Loreto Dharamtala, Loreto House, Shri Shikshayatan College (under Calcutta University), Modern Academy of Continuing Education (Primary CTTC).



Lifelong Dedicated Learner

I did my Bachelors in Botany Honours, Comprehensive Teacher’s Training Course for Primary School and several world class courses and MOOC’s on NovoEd, Udemy, edX and others. I learned from the courses by renowned successful personalities like Kim Scott, Angela Duckworth, Sarah Robb O’Hagan, Prasad Setty, Seth Godin, Lindsay Stradley and Mary Pat Ryan and courses from popular organisations and institutions like +Acumen, The Ariel Group, Fossil Foundation, Center for Creative Leadership, IDEO.org, Berkeley-Haas Entrepreneurship Program, Philanthropy University, Babson College and Goldman Sachs 10,000 Women Initiative, Miller Center’s Global Social Benefit Institute, The Omidyar Group and others.

I continue to learn from the best to serve the rest.

Think and Act Local, National and Global

I am a global citizen residing in India, very proud to be an Indian, representing India virtually in many global platforms, letting the world know what we truly stand for, with a strong desire to serve my nation, be an asset to humanity and my country.

I am glad I chose to stick around and not leave my country for a “better life” abroad just so I could give my best to India and to serve India and humanity, to be the trustworthy source for the west to collaborate with and work here, to bring the best here to make my India the best, to ensure that what I learnt about my people all these years I could use that to empathise and serve them better, that what my nation gave me and made me with God’s guidance and help, I can do my best to contribute to its progress.

Work with different skills and fields brings more creativity and innovation in each

When my personality as a multipotentialite started being criticised, I gave it a lot of thought. Upon reflection, I realised that my diverse skill sets mostly acquired through self-learning, research, empathy and my work in different fields due to human- centered design thinking, hands on experience and rapid prototyping helps me to be more creative and innovative in each of the fields, adding my unique perspectives and work style, resulting in greater and deeper impact focused on quality first and then quantity in a short span of time.

Domains of Work

My work includes the following domains:

  • Thought Programming for original and spontaneous thinking
  • Cultural Intelligence, Competence and Empathy
  • Intergenerational Leadership and Conflict Management
  • Socio-Cognitive Development
  • Personalization and Standardization
  • Career Education, Mentoring and Management
  • Digital Literacy, Technology, Psychology and Behavioural Science
  • Startups- Business Development and Go-to-Market Strategy
  • Corporate Social Responsibility projects management

And many more upcoming ones!

Check out my work and my associations.




To Think and Act Local, National and Global, working with the support of like-minded people and organizations who believe in connecting ideas and people for a Peaceful World.


To transform lives through education and entrepreneurship using the power of technology and psychology, to strive for a Better Me, Better Families, a Better India and Better World.

My why?

So what is it that drives me to say what I say, to do what I do, to be who I am-every single day ?

1) Continuing the legacy of my fore-“fathers”

My great-grandfathers and grandfathers from the paternal and the maternal side were actively involved in social work. My paternal great-grandfather, Mohammed Suleiman Vawda, who adopted my grandfather, was an author of several books to clarify the common misunderstandings about my faith. He was involved in the Indian freedom movement and associated with several renowned social organizations in Kolkata that served the society.


My paternal grandfather, Abdul Haque Ahmed, is currently associated with several organizations like Calcutta Muslim Orphanage, Anjuman Khadimul Hujjaj and some others in the past.


My maternal great-grandfather, Noor Md Dinath, built a hospital that offered free maternal and child care in Surat, built a home in the suburbs during my great-grandmother’s illness for her treatment and then opened the space for others going through the same. My maternal grandfather, Yusuf Dinath, when he passed away in October 2017 and his body was being taken to the grave, the people on the road shut down the lights and stood up in respect. His funeral was attended by hundreds of people and a big number turned up to tell my grandmother how generous he was. We did not know that he had touched so many lives in a big way.


One day, during my visit in early 2017, when my nana (maternal grandfather) was undergoing oral cancer treatment, I was seeking his advice and then I told him that to me legacy was not about carrying on the name of the family or owning the property and materialistic richness.

I believed that legacy was about holding on, passing on the values and principles that were beneficial for humanity, from one generation to the next. It was not a “male thing”. I take legacy seriously as I have to level up the game of my family and create bigger and deeper impact so that I can be a means of on-going charity for my fore-“fathers” and fore-“mothers” and for my parents.

2) Balance between Social Work and Business, Personal and Professional life, serving Family, India and Humanity

In the last 6-8 years, I have seen a lot of people around me doing either of these well rather than Striving for Balance in- personal and professional life, social work and business, serving family, India and humanity.

I realized I wanted to use my heart and brain – both to the fullest and effectively in different areas of my life, to leave a legacy, create impact and grow and evolve along with the world. I will continue to strive to be an example. I will strive to stay authentic and true to God and myself.


3) Giving the world a glimpse into the mind of an empowered woman and telling her side of the story

Over the last few years, I identified concerns that the society has regarding an empowered woman. I realized that the world has hardly heard her and known a truly empowered woman who is not a curse, a family-breaker.
I want to give the world a glimpse into the mind of such a woman through my TEDx Talk and through my book, through my work and the life I am striving for.
I want to be remembered as a soul that gave good a chance. I want to be remembered as a soul that got fed up of being average, who made a choice to make herself better to make the world better.

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4) Striving for a Better Me, Better India, Better World

I realized India was average because I was average for so long. I wanted to shine so that India could shine. I will continue to strive to shine so that India shines!
I realized that there was lack of peace and unity in the world and in my country, India because peace was lacking in families.


I started working effectively across government, corporate and social sectors across several domains and age groups, starting from pre-primary kids to high school to university students, educators, companies and parents and my vision aligned with Dr.A.P.J Abdul Kalam. I believe working deeply with these three powerful forces- parents, educators and students along with the government and corporate sectors would lead to a Better India and Better World.