“Say YES to yourself and your dreams before you say YES to the one you love.” -Madiha Ahmed

“Say YES to yourself and your dreams before you say YES to the one you love.” -Madiha Ahmed

My name is Madiha Ahmed.
I am an Indian, a Parent Mentor, Youth Mentor, Teacher Trainer, Early Childhood Coding Instructor, Author, Social Innovator, Storyteller, a Mindful Disruptor!

Always considered an Average Girl in the past, I am a Dreamer & a Doer, a Lifelong Learner & a Global Citizen, who loves to connect people and ideas for a Peaceful World.

Often advised to find my one true calling and pour all the focus and energy into that one thing by some friends, family, colleagues and mentors, I failed to be successful in spite of several attempts over the years. It is then I came across a tweet in late 2017 and realised that I was afflicted with “Multipotentiality”.

I am an explorer who pushes to learn new things and express myself, my creativity and my concern for humanity through them.

I am passionate about and really enjoy reflection, writing, public speaking, storytelling, mentoring, teaching and learning coding for kids, playing cricket, learning karate, cycling in and around nature, teaching, teacher training, learning about developments in STEM, observing and learning about Social Psychology, content development, curriculum development, organising events, hosting events, ironing clothes, washing utensils, cooking, cleaning or doing any housework while listening to motivational songs or talks, connecting people, listening to the stories of the elderly, watching the kids play, listening to what affects the adults, looking at the sky and prostrating on ground and talking to God, reflecting in nature, learn new skills, talk to myself to encourage or scold myself. I want to do it all. Otherwise life is boring.

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